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The Modern Central Bank Sandbox PlatformTM

EMTECH’s Modern Central Bank Sandbox Platform ™ (MCBS) is a Digital Regulatory Sandbox  that enables central banks to collaborate with innovators and other regulators, accelerate regulatory reviews and safely test emerging technologies.

How it Works

‘Plug & Play’ Innovation

Embedded with a robust API marketplace and both test and live test environments, the EMTECH MCBS Platform streamlines experimentation for both central banks and the broader ecosystems.  Fintech firms can easily plug and play with key stakeholders’ APIs, including Central Banks (i.e. central bank digital currency, compliance), 3rd parties and other regulators, to directly expedite regulatory clearance.


Collaboration with Key Stakeholders​

Enhanced communication tools integrated directly into he MCBS Platform allow for regulators and fintech firms to quickly address key risks and requirements in real-time. This replaces the long waiting periods for clarification and follow ups  by providing an efficient two-way communication as regulators assess the emerging solutions being used by fintech firms.

Regulatory Cooperation

The EMTECH MCBS platform enables  regulators’ dynamic methods to provide regulatory clarity for fintech firms to go to market faster while addressing key regulatory challenges such as financial/economic inclusion, SME lending, consumer protections and regulatory compliance.


Real-Time Analytics

Utilizing API integrations and real time data, MCBS offers both regulators and innovators access to an analytics dashboard that allows trusted data to be shared digitally for learning, assessment, and faster policy making and/or policy optimization.

API Integration

Functional API Testing and Monitoring for Fintechs

Regulatory sandbox is an environment that finch developers / innovators can use to mimcnthe characteristics of the production environment and create stimulated responses from all the central bank APIs the application relies on.

Beta Launch

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While Emtech’s Digital Regulatory Sandbox is in its initial roll out we’re inviting a limited number of fintech firms from across the world to participate.

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